Two heads, they say, are better than one. Synergy is a powerful force for greater achievement. That is the primary focus of BusinessIQ Hangout.

BusinessIQ Hangout is a network of vibrant self-motivated entrepreneurs who are positively changing the way we live and do business. It is a place where, as an entrepreneur, you get to connect with other entrepreneurs who are running thriving businesses. It is like a family of business conscious people who inspire, motivate and help each other to grow by exchanging ideas, engaging in thought-provoking business discussions and brainstorming sessions.

The entrepreneurs in the BusinessIQ Hangout meet bi-month (every two months) in a cozy exclusive club in the heart of Lagos (Location is only disclosed to members). They enjoy networking and cocktails while sharing their business mistakes, failures and successes. Apart from learning from each others’ stories, they also engage in brainstorming sessions with captains of industries (business moguls) and get the opportunity to be mentored. Like they say, mingling with the very successful automatically will make you successful.

The beautiful part is, these entrepreneurs do business and patronize each other using the BusinessIQ Hangout Membership Card that guarantees amazing discount. That means you can get ridiculous discounts when travelling, booking a hotel or shopping for your home or business. Like we say, the money keeps circulating in the hangout and doesn’t go out.

How to be a member?

To become a member of the BusinessIQ Hangout, click subscribe below. Or call 09097563996 to speak with BusinessIQ Hangout Coordinator.