Before the information intense age—or call it the social media age—billionaires are most times confined to the day to day running of their businesses. They are not public figures like superstars. But since the arrival of this new age and its several social apps, these billionaires are abandoning their solitude to share and enjoy the spotlight that was left for the celebrities and their wannabes. The billionaires now show off their philanthropic activities—and unusual “pics”—on these social media apps, especially on Instagram. Isn’t that super interesting?

However, one of these billionaires had refused to crawl out of the industrial age. He chose not to use smart phones or be on social media. He is archaic may not be the right word. Perhaps, he believed the new age and its many distractions are not for conservatives like him; it should be left for those who belong to the hippie generation like his daughter, DJ Cuppy. But few days ago, the oil magnate—Femi Otedola—finally entered into the digital age; he joined Instagram. And in less than five days, his followers climbed to 34.7K and still counting. The self made billionaire is only following 8 people: his billionaire colleague—Tony Elumelu, a female actor, four music icons, his daughters (Temi and DJ Cuppy) and Forte Oil, his very own business.

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