I rarely watch reality TV Show. When I do, the Show must be spectacular. One of such is the American’s Got Talent. This summer season is awesome. Not because Simon is not so blunt as always or Howie participated in some mind blowing tricks. It is also not the stunning looks of Mel B and Heidi or Nick’s backstage side comments or Neyo who gave up his golden buzzer to that amazing magician labeled wizard by Simon. For me, it’s the Linkin’ Bridge.

I don’t listen to hip-hop. Neither do I admire guys covered with tattoos and dressed like gangsters. However, these guys—Linkin’ Bridge—may look like gangsters from the hood (that is the hip-hop culture), but their soul piercing songs and background stories set them apart from the crowd.

The Linkin’ Bridge is a group from Louisville, Kentucky whose hope is to unite the world that is divided by social cultural difference. These guys—Montre Davis, Big Rome Kimbrough, Shon China Lacy and Ekoe Alexanda are ordinary young men who grew up in the era of hip-hop, listening to the likes of Tupac and DMC.

China and Montre are cousins and have known each other all their lives. They eventually met Big Rome and Ekoe in their teenage years. They grew up in dysfunctional homes and neighborhood singing on every street corner against all odds. Despite growing up in a crooked neighborhood, they did not allow the hood to ruin their dream of getting the spotlight. And that spotlight they eventually got on American’s Got Talent.

Success has a price attached to it. And that price tag is hard work, consistency, focus and refusing to give up when the odds are against you. In your journey to success, you will make mistakes, you will be disappointed and you will fail. But do one thing—keep your focus.

Focus is that ray of hope; that tiny light at the end of the tunnel. It is that quiet voice whispering: “don’t give up; you are almost there”. It is the ability to get up after every fall. It is the willingness to try again after failing. It is that breaking force that you need to cross to the other side. It is that glorious moment you have being waiting for. In this piece, I call that ray of hope the Linkin’ Bridge hope.

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