A brand is any product that is manufactured under a particular name by a company. This definition may be archaic and walled off in the classroom. In the market place, a brand is any fast selling product or service tagged sophisticated by its consumers. Like iphone or Starbucks, that fine coffee that we can’t resist.

Here is the business truth: most brands started just like ordinary product manufactured under a particular name by a company or an individual. The brand Microsoft started in a garage. Google was a research project. Facebook was a joke. Amazon was a website on Jeff’s laptop. So are thousands of other sophisticated brands that we fall head over heels for. Again, they were ordinary products, some with no labels, in the days of yore.

Now, this is yet another truth that you must know. You don’t need to feel sorry for your brand—product or service—that is presently not doing well or struggling. If your product is lost in the crowd like some me-too products, this is what you have to do to reposition it.

Alter the packaging: Every product is wrapped around some packaging. I believe yours isn’t left out. However, it is necessary for you to know when to alter your packaging a little bit. You can decide to alter it three-sixty degrees or just tweak it a bit. Just maybe, your packaging isn’t attractive enough or your customers are use to what it is and need something new. Nobody really cares about what is inside your product or service until there is an experience. So, until you show your potential customers how to pick your product off the shelf, you will be missing out.

Do the PR thing: When you decide to rebrand, don’t stay quiet and expect your customers to just adjust. If you do, your customers may be confused. They are your customers, your money bag, and they have the right to know that you have altered some things around your product. And the best way to do that is leveraging on PR. If you don’t have a PR team, get someone in that line of business to do exactly the PR thing for you.

Strike hard with a promotion: Promotion is giving your customers an offer they cannot refuse. So said the Don played by Marlon Brando in the Godfather. We all like the buy one and get one free thing. So, what are you waiting for? Do your mathematics to be sure you are not running at loss. If you are not, design a promotion and get it out for your customers to see. The rest, as they say may be history.

Lastly, make more noise: If you make so much noise for a very long time, soon you will be noticed whether you have a fantastic product or not. Your potential customers won’t see you if you are being conservative. Leave that to those who are in dirty politics. In business, throw caution to the air and express yourself. I am from that school of thought that you should deafened your customers with your noise until they will accept what you are forcing down their throats. Trust me, soon, they will.

Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa is Africa’s #1 Small Business Expert. He has interviewed dozens of CEOs for his magazine, BusinessIQ and has mentored over a thousand entrepreneurs who have gone on to begin their own successful businesses. This he can do for you as well. Email: alfred@businessiqonline.com