About BusinessIQ

BusinessIQ Africa is a Pan Africa magazine for entrepreneurs. It focuses on interviewing successful business leaders to inspire, inform and build entrepreneurs in Africa. BusinessIQ magazine was established by an entrepreneur, Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa, with nothing, but a Pentium II laptop given to him by his younger brother.

Our story

In November 2009, during the financial crunch, when companies were downsizing, businesses were closing down and people were losing their jobs, we perceived that the aftermath of the crisis would birth thousands of inexperienced entrepreneurs who needed a practical business manual. So, we launched BusinessIQ hard-copy magazine during the recession.

In 2013, we saw a glimpse of the future. We realized it was necessary to reach and inspire entrepreneurs across Africa with the tough, but success stories of established entrepreneurs. We concluded that the surest way to reach them is through the Internet. So began the amazing journey of creating this platform. And in July 2014, with a small team, we successfully launched the first issue of BusinessIQ digital magazine featuring Late Dr. Nelson “Madiba” Mandela (1918-2013) on the cover. That maiden issue was titled The Business Side of Nelson Mandela. It was timely and was downloaded from all over Africa and beyond. This assured us that we have started a revolution; the beginning of the future of BusinessIQ magazine was conceived.

What we do

We are dedicated to finding and interviewing successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We are concerned about listening and retelling their tough, but success stories in such a way it will inspire and help your business growth. We are committed to making sure their stories strengthen your entrepreneurial desire and that of others in Africa.

Every month, we work tirelessly to make sure an issue of BusinessIQ magazine is available to you on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Every issue of the magazine is wrapped around the inspirational business story of a successful entrepreneur. Such story—interview—is, most times, locked around many years of struggles, disappointments, failures and success that can help you become a successful entrepreneur without re-inventing the wheel.

That is not all! Our blog also features articles, covering different areas of business, to help you grow your business. Reading the articles will turn you into a proactive entrepreneur. To also help you grow your business acumen, we introduced the BusinessIQ Hangout, a networking platform for entrepreneurs to hangout and network in an exclusive club. They also get to meet with successful business leaders and patronize each other.

Who we are

We are a group of selfless entrepreneurs who chose to build a business magazine that will help you accomplish your utmost desire as an entrepreneur. We want to set you loose from being yet another employee; we are dedicated to turning you into that entrepreneur that the inner you yearn for. We are a team with no desire to settle for less than to change our world and the way business is done in Africa.

What we want from you

We want you to be ignited and transformed into an entrepreneur that will influence the business world. We want you to take your business desire from the world of fantasy into the real world where it will affect lives. We want you to stop dreaming and start acting. Not later, but right now so you can be part of us who are changing the course of humanity.

Welcome to joining the growing numbers of entrepreneurs in Africa.