6 Ways To Multiply Your Money

Like oxygen is necessary for human existence, so is money. It is a significant part of our lives. It is the reason why employees and employers wake up early and sleep late at night. It is the major reason why many acquire tons of degrees, certifications and qualifications to get

Create Wealth for Your Child

Ladies are in the habit of confirming and reconfirming that they are pregnant. So, when your wife gives you an envelope or a pregnancy confirmation note, be happy and clink glasses. Afterwards, you should start planning the future of your unborn child. You will agree with me that humans, naturally,

Millions Best Kept Secrets

Except those who are trust fund babies, millionaires are not born, they are made. Talking about made millionaires, I am not referring to those who won lotteries and eventually went broke. Neither am I referring to those who won millions on some reality TV Shows like Who Wants to be

Financial Advisor: Finding One

Your hard earn money is very important to you, and you don’t want to ignorantly invest it. Or else, you will lose everything in one transaction. When it comes to investing your money, it is important to have a good knowledge of what you are investing in. However, the critical

5 Ways to Stay Rich

Every individual—and business too—has it peak and low moments. But when the down time is becoming consistent and you are constantly broke, then something is wrong somewhere. There is nothing wrong with down time, even the economy of a nation once in a while suffers recession, depression or whatever you

How to Protect Your Money

I got interested in a Mexican Soap, Labour of Love, on a cable channel. I wasn’t intrigued by the love story between the fine young man from an average family and a beautiful blonde from the opposite world. Rather, I was interested in the young man’s aunty who committed a

Replicating Your Money

I will tell you a story from the Holy Writ; you may be familiar with it. Here is the story. A master called his three servants and gave each of them startup capital according to their business, financial and investment acumen. To one, he gave five thousand dollars. To another

Monopoly: The Game of Money

Monopoly is a term derived from the Greek words: mono (alone or single) and polein (to sell). This term as described by economists is when an individual or enterprise has the sole right to supply a particular good or service in a given environment. Like NITEL, from 1958, was the

Considering a Mortgage

Recently, I was having a long discussion with one of my clients. We talked about several issues ranging from getting a good education abroad, buying a new car instead of the so called Tokunbo (used car) to the recent outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa, most especially our country,

Guide To Investing Your Money

In the twenties, Ben Graham was a well known investor who had a dynamic approach to investing. He would search for inexpensive stocks; carefully study the balance sheets and income statements of the companies, making sure there were no risks before making the buying decision. The secret of his investing