Got A USP? When you have successfully started your own small business, there is a significant part of your business that you must not ignore. If you do, it is to the detriment of your business. Now, this part of every business is so very minute, but very significant that

Don’t Stand Out; Be Different

It is unfortunate that quite a number of entrepreneurs—business owners—and organizations want to stand out of the crowd—competition. This is not a bad idea, but the truth is, you will never be standing out for too long. In a competitive market, soon enough, your competition will catch up with you

When to Branch Out

Most entrepreneurs do not know when to modify, branch out or diversify when it comes to their businesses. They remain glued to the primary focus of their businesses even when it is necessary for them to modify, branch out or diversify. It is important for the management—or founder—of a business

Borderless Business

Long before the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat, when internet service was not a common place and my website programmer was in Lebanon, website designer was in India and cartoonist was a sixteen years old girl in Australia, I predicted business without an office. My prediction highlighted

7 Keys to Running a Business

Since the financial crunch which led to the foreclosure of corporations and people getting fired from their regular jobs, everyone is finally embracing the idea of starting their own businesses. Unfortunately research proved that 90% of start-ups will go bankrupt or go out of business before their third year because

Define Your Brand

What makes your business unique isn’t just the product or service that you render; it is how you present your brand. And the presentation of your brand starts from the very idea-turned-concept that makes up your business. Here are the few things you need to do if you truly want

5 Productivity Secrets

Most entrepreneurs are involved in series of unnecessary activities. Sometimes, it could be overwhelming and also lead to burnout. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs push themselves beyond limit to get tons of tasks completed, yet they do not get the desired result that they want. As an entrepreneur, you


There are several uncertainties that run through the minds of entrepreneurs, especially those transiting from paid jobs to start their own businesses. If you are one of these new breed of entrepreneurs, the good news is that you are on the journey to being part of the richest 10% of