7 Steps To Money Making

Are you curious about how you can make money? Yes, I mean cool cash like we casually say to a friend or hear it in those gangsters movies. Okay, let’s get a bit serious about this money making discussion.

These days, the phrase “how to make money” is becoming more like a cliché. If you type that phrase on Google, it will give you 5.3 billion results. But be careful not to be lured by some get rich quick schemes amongst vital information. However, I will endeavor to dissect this phrase and let you see it from a different perspective.

For you to make money in this twenty-first century, you must be an Individual Dedicated to Excellence and Achievement (IDEA). I guess you didn’t see that coming. In making money, you need more than a money spinning idea (I’m talking about the abstract idea now); you must be that individual that is dedicated to excellence and achievement. I mean, you must be exceptional good at what you do. You must stand out.

Once you are good at what you do, money will automatically become yours. So, if you are not satisfied with your current income, you already know the first rule to making more money. What follows are the seven steps that will guide you to earn more than your desired income.

Step One: Dedicate more time to whatever you are selling. I bet you have heard that before now. Now, you are hearing it again. Whether you are selling a product or service, you need to dedicate more time to selling it. The more dedicated you are to selling your stuff, the more people you reach, the more money you make. It is that simple.

Step Two: Learn new strategies, techniques, skills and methods. If you are not making enough, it is because your strategies, techniques, skills and methods are weak. It is time to reinvent your earning process. You need to commit yourself to learning how to do things differently. Find how to improve yourself; expose yourself to higher learning both formal and informal. Find a way to reinvent yourself, your process and approach. Find a new way of doing all that is necessary and money will come to you.

Step Three: Focus on fine-tuning your skills by learning from key players. The key players in every industry always wear the finest cloths, drive the sleekest toys—cars, helicopters, private planes and yachts—and live in mansions. Some are conservative like Warren Buffet, Dangote or Bill Gates. These guys have the ace card; they know how to work it. Find one of them and do just one thing—learn from their wealth of experience. Find a way to get that cutting edge business skill from them. If you do, you will become like the key players. That’s what mentorship is all about.

Step Four: Focus your attention on what is actually making money for you. Don’t be another Jack of all trades, be a master of one. What is that one thing that is making money for you, then, dig into it and explore it. Let it consume all your energy and time, and the reward—money—will come to you.

Step Five: Acquire more relevant knowledge and strive to become a professional in what you do. Don’t stop when you think you’ve got it; push yourself a little further. Keep reinventing and developing the new you. Seek rare and specialized knowledge. Don’t just be exceptionally good; become a pro. Be on top of your game and one of the best anyone can find. In fact, become the best!

Step Six: Get the financial management skills. Yes, if you don’t learn how to keep money, it will quickly leave or forsake you for someone who knows how. So, when the money is coming in drove, learn how to manage and multiply it. Get that knowledge that will help you keep and multiply your money. You must be in total control of your money just like you are in control of what is making the money for you. That’s what the financial management knowledge will do for you.

Step Seven: Save and invest your money. I don’t want to sound like a broke record all over again. Money can take wings and fly away very quickly if you don’t put it to work. So, you’ve got to save and invest your money. You should learn how to let your money make more money for you. Trust me if you do, you will never be part of those who want to learn how to make cool cash again.


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