Vanity or Pain

When it comes to selling your product, there are three things potential customers don’t care about. They don’t care about your product, they  don’t care  about who is  selling  it and  they  don’t  care  about how  much  it cost. This may sound ridiculous, but it is the truth that is not far-fetched.

Yes, I know you may disagree with me and that is okay. Maybe you are from the school of thought that says your potential customers care about your product, who is selling it and how much it is been sold. But here is the hard truth; potential customers only care about one thing—the problem they want your product to solve. And once a product, regardless of who is selling it or the price, is solving customers’ problem, they will build a brand persona around it and eventually turn it into a household name.

So what is the customers’ problem your product should be solving? It is an emotional problem. Your product should either appeal to the vanity or pain of your customers.

A man who is buying a New Sea-Dweller Rolex or Rolls Royce Phantom isn’t just buying a brand; he is solving his problem of vanity. It is called status symbol, ultimate luxury or prestige. That is customers’ vanity.

On the other hand, a college student who takes McDonald’s hamburger or cheeseburger is solving a major emotional problem which is hunger. That is what customers’ pain is.

Selling to customers’ vanity is simply appealing to their sophisticated lifestyle. And these are sets of people who belong to a particular class. They are the rich and the very rich—wealthy. And selling to the pain of customers is appealing to the customer’s necessity, which is an immediate and urgent need. The people in this class are the average and the very ones are the bottom of the chain. So, when next you are selling your product, don’t forget this tip: appeal to your customers’ emotions—vanity or pain.

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