If you are in business, then you should be concerned about your internal and external customers. Your internal customers—your staff—should be rounded when it comes to giving details about your business. They are the ones who will take care of the external customers who will be buying your product or service.

Of course, you know the usual cliché that customers are kings—and queens too—and must be treated as such. Once you treat them like royals, they will keep coming back to you and will talk about your business. They will become your business mouthpiece.

But before your external customers will become your freelance marketers, you will have to teach your internal customers (staff) how to treat them like royals. The secret to doing such is hidden in the acronyms P.LE.A.S.E.

P stands for PAY ATTENTION: You need to teach your staff how to pay attention to customers. A buying customer is like a toddler that needs attention. They want that smile, that laugh and that leave every other thing and attend to me attitude. So, teach your staff how to be all these to every single customer.

L stands for LISTEN: Someone once said you have one mouth and two ears so you can listen more. Listening is a gift; it is also a learnable skill. So if you are not born with it, you can learn it. Customers want to be listened to and not be interrupted. Teach yourself and staff how to patiently listen without getting upset or angry.

E stands for EXECUTE: Most businesses lose customers when service is poorly executed. They lose customers when customers’ complaints or enquiries do not get quick respond. Customers want you to be swift; they want you to deliver right on time. Once flawless execution meets the right timing, customers will be glued to your business.

A stands for ASK: Don’t hire staff who just nod their heads and will not open their mouths to ask the customers the right questions, most especially when a customer expresses dissatisfaction. Teach them to ask how they can help your customers make the right decisions. Teach them how to ask how the customers are doing and how best they want to be helped.

S stands for SERVE: If I repeat the cliché, I will be sounding like a broken record. If they are kings and queens, then they should be treated like who they are. They should be served and treated with respect. Make them feel very important and special because they are. Without them, there is no business; don’t forget that.

E stands for EXCEED: If you deliver an excellent service at the right time, you haven’t done anything special. Any other organized and well trained company can do same. You need to find how to exceed your customers’ expectations. You need to find how to wow them. If your business is asking customers to score or rate your customer service, you are not doing anything special. There is nothing wrong with getting scored or rated so you can know how worse you are doing. If you exceed customers’ expectation, they will score or rate your business by becoming your walking billboard. Nothing more; nothing less.

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