The Lady Behind Simplinteriors

There are people who effortlessly—and skillfully—enhance the interior of houses to create a healthier, aesthetic and classy environment for the people occupying the houses. These people are professionally referred to as interior designers. Among the few who are successful in the industry is Joy Ofili Yebovi, the CEO of the formidable brand, Simplinteriors. Joy Ofili Yebovi is a highly creative woman who plans and coordinates interior design projects, whether residential or commercial. Apart from engaging in this energy consuming herculean task, she has also set up an interior design and entrepreneurship school where she trains lovers of designs to be professionally certified as interior designers.

In this one-one-interview with Joy Ofili Yebovi, enter into the business world of an energetic woman, who is passionate about her profession and how to help as many as possible lovers of creative designs climb the corporate and social ladder in the industry. Read the inspiring interview of Joy Ofili Yebovi,